“The audio is just plain magic!  Pam is professional, easy to work with, meets timelines and budgets, and brings such a wide range of characterization to the story. A winner!”

IMG_0896Nancy Naigle, USA Today best selling co-author (with Kelsey Browning) of The Grannies series


In the three years I’ve been recording audiobooks, I’ve created hundreds of characters in a variety of genres:  mystery, romance, paranormal, historical romance, memoir, and nonfiction.  Click on one of the samples below to listen!

Love: Built to Last

“Like Finding buried treasure!….was so impressed by the narrator…”

Love to Believe

“Let me tell you, once I started listening to Pam Dougherty’s performance of Love to Believe I was glued to my headphones.”

Love to Win

Pam Dougherty’s narration is consistently wonderful. She gives each voice a unique quality which adds dimension to the story. A favorite narrator for sure!

Perfect Summer

” a terrific read!… wonderful at keeping [characters] consistent and distinct…”

Saving Grace


“Pam Dougherty did a fabulous job delivering this story to us with all her multiple voices and accents. With lots of laughs and excitement, completely flawless!”

Changing Lanes


“The narrator delivers us a flawless tale complete with accents and emotions. I have read other books with this narrator and she never lets me down!”

The Debra Dilemma


Coming soon – Warren Daniver has a problem. Debra Covington is no longer making his life a living hell and now, he can’t stop thinking about her.

Place Your Betts

“Just perfection! She has just the right amount of a southern lilt, so perfect for Betts, full of emotion, great humorous timing and her mama Cherie was hilarious!”

Getting Lucky

“Pam delivers a funny, witty read. Her voices and accents are spot on!

Rest in Pieces

“Pam Dougherty’s performance was terrific. Her delivery of everything from dry wit to LOL humor was spot on.”

Love Built to Last

“The narration is the perfect blend of warmth and realism that draws you in…believable characters and the perfect small town feel…I enjoyed every moment!”

Trail of Thread


“[Pam] really imbued Deborah’s letters with emotion – happy, sad, troubled, desperate, elated, tired. Excellent narration!”

Thimble of Soil

“Pam Dougherty does a marvelous job with the narration. Her voice is quite sincere and she conveys the story very, very well.”

Sealed With a Kiss

“Ms. Dougherty has [so] many different voices…you would never know it was the same lady, which is truly amazing to me.”



Coming soon – When Esme Crabb steps into the Vader general store one day in 1888, she wants just one thing – the storekeeper – and she has only one way to ensnare him: with the longest legs in all Tennessee.


 Celestial Conversations


“The healing messages that I heard in this audiobook have changed my attitude to be alive vibrant once again in love with life. Very good audiobook.”

Narrated by “Pamela Peters”

Ace’s Key

“…hot, sensual, exciting and fun, but more than anything it is an erotic romance and very classy”

Consolation Prize

“I love her [Abbie St. Claire] style of writing…and the narrator, Pamela Peters, OMG what a voice – her voices rock!  Excellent job, ladies!”

Booty Call

ACX Cover 2400x2400

“[Pamela] is a talented and professional narrator. I always enjoy a chance to listen to her work.”

Kiss Me: A Duet

I like this Writer/Narrator duo..they work well together…and I like Pamela’s narration style, she is joyful and so fun to listen to!”



Coming soon – A forced relocation for orthopedist Ian Briggs shakes up more than his sense of direction when he finds himself captivated and lusting for his new neighbor.