About Me

“…it’s impossible not to notice the amount of emotion exuded in her words; the tone and pitch of her voice changing to perfectly fit each character, adjusting to conform with the character’s mood or situation. Pam did not just read a script or a book; she put on a performance.”


Before I began my adventure into audiobook narration…I spent many years as a professional actress on stage, screen and radio…and I continue to work actively as a performing artist in a variety of entertainment media, constantly drawing on that experience in my narrating work.

Actors are ALWAYS looking for the next performance opportunity… 

..and I’m not even sure what triggered my interest in audiobooks.  My first attempts began in early 2013, when I barricaded myself in the coat closet and sent up a couple of auditions to ACX.com, an online platform owned by Audible.  I sent a copy of those auditions to my daughter, an inveterate audiobook nerd, my biggest supporter and harshest critic.  I can’t remember what she said about them, I just know it stopped me in my tracks for six months!

But I’m nothing if not persistent.

Fast forward to summer 2013…..on the drive from Dallas to Virginia to perform at the historic Barter Theatre, I listened to several audiobooks by a variety of narrators….and I realized that I could bring something different to the table…something unlike that classic, rather monotoned reading style I was hearing a lot of. l’d do the only thing I know how to do — ACT.  Now if I could just figure out the logistics! I knew that most narrators — at least those who live outside New York and L.A. — do their own recording and editing. But I’m so right-brained!  35 years experience in radio and I hadn’t a clue how to do anything more sophisticated than send an unedited commercial audition to my agent.  In Garage Band. From that closet.

Fast forward a few more months.

I’m back in Dallas, still doing theater, radio, even got a couple of movies during that time period, but all along I was slowly figuring out what this new chapter in my life is going to involve. Finally, after some software gifting from Roy Machado and workflow coaching from Rene Coronado at Dallas Audio Post, some borrowed equipment from Texas Radio Hall of Famer Eye Lipson, and a whole lot of bright eyed, bushy tailed,  “little engine that could” attitude,” I leapt. In my usual form: feet first, brain to follow.

I think I might have made 10 cents an hour on my first book…

It seemed to take forever, that short little book.  And the day I finished and uploaded the book to Audible, I sat in a restaurant with my best friend and cried with relief. The tech learning curve was THAT hard!  But the story gets better.  Next, I landed a book with award-winning romance author Katie Graykowski, and things just took off!

What a gig!

I don’t have to drive to work. I don’t have to get nervous about auditions because I get to cast myself.  I get to cast myself in ALL the roles.  I don’t have to memorize lines, or wear heavy makeup or itchy costumes.  Hell, I don’t even have to wear CLOTHES!  And best of all, the reviews have been across the board, GREAT!

So…I’m off on a whole new adventure in life, one that’s challenging, extremely fulfilling and just plain fun.

As of January, 2019, I’ve completed 40 books, with the first of a three book romance series about to begin.  Have just finished a three book cozy mystery series, and negotiations for a 12-book series are in progress.  I’m feeling blessed….and maybe the tiniest bit overwhelmed!